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An Elder Law Attorney in Lafayette, LA Who Can Help Plan Your Future

Elder Law Attorney Lafayette, LAIn the United States, a large part of the population has recently reached their retirement years. At this time, sensitive issues are likely to arise; such as Medicare or Medicaid planning, health care, long-term care, guardianship, conservatorship, estate planning, and more. As an elder law attorney Lafayette, LA, we help retirees, prospective retirees, and elderly people plan out these issues in an organized, well-structured way. Through due diligence and support, we make life a little bit easier. Talk to us today to explore what options may be right for you. 

How a Lafayette, LA Elder Law Attorney Might Help You

There are a number of services that our firm offers, including:

  • Talking about your estate planning options and what is right for you
  • Helping you to understand the importance of a Will
  • Discussing options for anyone in your care who has special needs or disabilities
  • Going over the probate process and what your loved ones might expect
  • Drafting a durable power of attorney
  • Drafting guardianship documents
  • Drafting healthcare directives
  • Assist you in choosing a legal guardian
  • Assist you with your life insurance, financial accounts, or retirement planning
  • Help you with Medicare or Medicaid planning

The Importance of Conservatorship or Guardianship

If you or a loved one becomes incapacitated, and can no longer make important decisions regarding financial matters or health issues, assistance may be required. Without a durable power of attorney, or a living Will, the court may intervene. When they do this, they will be obligated to appoint a conservator. 

Types of Conservator

Conservator of the Person – A conservator of the person ensures the incapacitated person will recieve the necessary medical treatment, food, shelter, and overall care. They will also be responsible for making decisions that are related to the conservatee (the person needing care). 

Conservator of the Estate – When the court finds that the conservatee cannot make decisions related to their finances, or estate, the court may appoint a conservator. This person will have a duty to pay the conservatee’s bills and manage their finances. 

As an elder law attorney in Lafayette, LA, we help clients to choose what is most appropriate to their needs and budget. Sometimes, we may recommend drafting a power of attorney, over a conservatorship. This is often true when a person is mentally sound, but cannot manage their finances accordingly. Anyone who is named to care for a person’s wellbeing, estate, or finances will have an obligation to record all of their actions or transactions. These records will need to be presented to the court on designated dates.  Furthermore, at no time can the conservator mix their money with the conservatee’s own finances. If these duties are ignored or disregarded, it could be a breach. In this case, litigation may ensue. 

Theus Law Offices: Elder Law Attorneys You Can Trust

Elder law planning is very important, and should not be disregarded. If you would like help to evaluate your needs, based on your situation, call a Lafayette, LA elder law attorney from Theus Law Offices today.