Estate Planning Attorney Lafayette, LA

Estate Planning Lawyer Lafayette, LAAt Theus Law Offices, an estate planning attorney Lafayette, LA families trust for insight, we help families in and around Acadiana properly plan and protect their assets and legacies.  We understand the importance of family, and there is no greater peace of mind than having a proper estate plan in place that will protect everything you own and everyone you love.  On this page you will find suggestions for developing an estate plan with help from a Lafayette LA estate planning lawyer (also referred to as an estate lawyer in Lafayette LA):

Identify Concerns and Develop Goals For Your Estate Plan
No two people are alike, whether married, single, rich, poor, or somewhere in between.  Goals and concerns will vary, which will drive approaches for creating an estate plan in Louisiana.  The first step in the estate planning journey is to identify your concerns.  Start with the end.  An experienced Lafayette LA estate planning attorney from Theus Law Offices can help with a guided conversation. Your estate plan should be custom tailored to address your specific goals and concerns, or it’s not a plan.  

For families with young children, you may wish to ensure that your minor children are properly cared for in the event that you pass away before they are adults, or that young adult children reach a point of financial maturity before having direct access to assets. Although estate planning is very much about planning for yourself during your LIFE, thinking beyond yourself, you may wish to ensure your surviving family members will be financially protected in the event of your passing.

An estate planning attorney Lafayette LA area families turn to from Theus Law Offices can offer seasoned advice about achieving the following goals:

  • To stay in control of your assets and affairs during life and ensure you don’t outlive your money
  • To control what happens to your legacy in the event of your passing
  • To nominate a tutor (also referred to as a “guardian”) for minor children in the event you pass away before they reach the age of majority (Age 18 in Louisiana)
  • To ensure your proper care for your pets in the event of your passing
  • To avoid a business failure by developing a business succession plan to key persons that you choose or family members
  • To protect assets and wealth from unforeseeable claims, including lawsuits and healthcare expenses
  • To provide asset protection for a surviving spouse
  • To impose restrictions in the event of the remarriage of a surviving spouse to ensure your descendants receive the benefit of your legacy
  • To provide detailed instructions about financial matters and medical care in the event of your incapacity
  • To determine who is in control, who gets to benefit, and when with respect to the distribution of assets after death
  • To minimize or avoid income and estate taxes
  • To provide for and protect governmental benefits of a loved one with special needs
  • To protect beneficiaries who are unable to prudently manage their own affairs
  • To protect your children and your legacy from future failed marriages, debts, bankruptcy, or other creditors

Prepare a Detailed List of Assets and Debts
A proper estate plan should account for all asset and debts, including assets that are governed by beneficiary designation like life insurance or retirement plans.  A full review is one of the first steps to developing a complete estate plan in Louisiana.  An estate planning attorney in Lafayette LA from Theus Law Offices can provide you with helpful forms to assist with gathering financial information.  You can also download forms HERE. Assets that should be addressed include:

  • Primary residence
  • Rental or vacation properties
  • Other real estate or immovable property, including mineral interests
  • Non-probate assets, such as life insurance, annuities, or retirement plans
  • Demand deposit accounts, including checking, savings and CDs
  • Investment accounts
  • Stocks or other equities held in online trading accounts, such as E-trade or Computershare
  • Personal property and household effects, such as furniture, jewelry, and art
  • Closely-held business interest
  • Intangible assets like patents or other intellectual property
  • Inherited assets, including expected inheritances

Solutions Start Here; Call Theus Law Firm For Estate Planning Help
Whatever you need, whether a simple will or a complex trust-based estate plan, an estate planning attorney Lafayette LA families trust (also referred to as a “will lawyer Lafayette LA”) from Theus Law Offices will provide knowledgeable, experienced representation.  Protecting everything you own and everyone you love starts with proper estate planning. If you have questions about Wills or Trusts, or any other estate planning topics, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation, or use the link below to schedule a Free 15-Minute Call with a wills and trusts attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana.