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About Theus Law Offices

J. Graves Theus, Jr.

Attorney at Law

Hi, my name is Graves Theus. I'm a premier-rated Louisiana attorney and I've been practicing law for over 25 years. Our law firm specializes in estate planning & asset protection. It's my passion to help individuals make the right personalized decisions about how to protect their home, savings, and family. 

I know it can be confusing to know exactly what steps to take...but it doesn't have to be. There are actionable steps you can take now, and we will share them with you. A little bit of knowledge and planning can go a long way. We'll show you how. 

"Exceptionally competent and patiently answers questions..."

➯ Don't be afraid to take that first step!! The staff at Theus Law Offices were awesome. Any feelings of inadequacy, anxiety or unfamiliarity melted away with the knowledge I obtained in my experience with their office. Life is unpredictable and you and your family need to be prepared. They were friendly, personable, and professional. I would recommend them if you are looking for guidance to get on the right path. ~Brenda

➯ We never felt pressured or uncomfortable asking questions we were having. We were treated with respect and never rushed. After each personal meeting, we returned home convinced we had chosen the right Attorney for our Estate Plan and Trust.

➯ I did not even know there were attorneys that specialize in only estate planning. I did not even know what asset protection was, even though I had assets. ~Peyton

➯ I was extremely impressed with Graves Theus, Jr. and Staff. The entire staff made every step of this process very easy. Everyone in the Theus Office was focused on my goals. ~Dianne 

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