Jump to the Front of the Line by Expediting Your I-751 Application

For spouses of U.S. citizens who have been granted conditional permanent residence status for a period of two years, you will need to file form I-751 to remove the conditional status during the 90 days before your second anniversary as a conditional resident. Unfortunately, like most other USCIS applications, there is a considerable backlog and the I-751 processing times are estimated to be between 22.5 – 41.5 months. A link to the processing times for all USCIS applications can be found here:  https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/

Fortunately, in order to help minimize the issues associated with these backlogs, USCIS has extended the validity of the receipt notices for 18 months, meaning that your conditional residence status will be extended for this 18 month period as opposed to the previous rule which only extended the validity of the conditional residence status for 12 months. Make sure to keep a copy of this receipt notice with you at all times as it is proof that you have the legal authority to remain in the United States.

Unfortunately, without exceptional circumstances, there is no way to speed up the I-751 processing times. In your cover letter which you are attaching to your I-751 application, you can put “REQUEST FOR EXPEDITED CONSIDERATION,” but if you want to have any chance of having this request granted, you better be willing to give compelling reasons why USCIS should expedite your petition.  

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