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Probate Lawyer Lafayette, LAA Probate Lawyer Lafayette, LA Resident’s Can Count On For the Right Legal Approach to Estate Matters

For many people, putting off their estate is something that is casually done as an attempt to avoid thinking about their future and death. It’s a sensitive topic which is so ignored, that up to 60 percent of Americans fail to have any estate planning documents. The problem is that when there is no will, or any other estate planning tool, the estate will be required to go through the probate process, via intestate. This means that the court will make decisions for all of the heirs involved – and these decisions are based upon the laws of the state. 

If you have any desires or wishes regarding your assets or estate, you should have an estate plan. Call a probate lawyer in Lafayette, LA today. 

At Theus Law Offices, we receive calls from people who’ve been misinformed about Wills, trusts, or the probate process. Much of this information comes from Hollywood or internet myths. We attempt to dispel what is wrong so as to lead prospective clients on the right path, and towards making the right decisions. In doing so, you can feel peace of mind in knowing everything is in order, and your heirs or loved ones will have directions on what you wish to happen upon your death or incapacitation. To learn more, call a probate lawyer in Lafayette, LA. 

The Role of a Probate Lawyer

A probate lawyer handles a broad range of estate-related issues. For example, he or she might draft wills, but they might also guide beneficiaries through the probate process, or litigate a dispute. Probate lawyers in Lafayette, LA can be invaluable, and make all parts of the estate planning process much easier.

Finding the Right Probate Lawyer

The probate process has been designed to be a streamlined process that individuals and families can do without the help of a lawyer. However, rarely is this possible. The system is difficult to navigate, confusing, time consuming, and expensive. Without a legal advocate, a small estate can experience challenges that are not easy to overcome. It is very common for beneficiaries to feel overwhelmed and confused. These feelings can impede on the grieving process; thereby, make way for new challenges that could be avoided. 

Make the Probate Process Easier 

By having a probate lawyer in Lafayette, LA on your side, you can feel peace of mind in knowing the process will go much smoother. A probate lawyer can represent:

  • Minor children who lost their parents
  • Elders who cannot meet at the law firm
  • Disabled adults living in a care facility
  • People who are disputing a will or estate plan
  • People who are facing a dispute filed by another person
  • Out of state representatives or executors
  • Individuals who are dealing with an intestate succession probate (no will existed)

Theus Law Offices: A Law Firm You Can Trust

If you have never gone through the probate process, you may feel unsure about what to do or how to proceed. An experienced lawyer from Theus Law Offices may be able to help you get started.  Call a probate lawyer in Lafayette, LA today.