4 Reasons to Work with an Attorney After an 18 Wheeler Accident

The aftermath of an accident with a large semi-truck or 18 wheeler can be devastating. You may be facing serious damage to your vehicle, physical injuries and living with the traumatic memory of the crash as well. Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the trucking company or its insurance carrier may help you recover financially; however, some federal regulations and the company’s own policies may make that difficult. Working with a lawyer may help you better understand these roadblocks and how to recover compensation despite them.

  1. A Better Understanding of Federal Regulations

Federal regulations for trucking companies can limit how many hours or miles their drivers can travel in one shift, how often the trucks are inspected and restrict the age and conditions of those who drive them. While these rules are designed with safety in mind, they may make collecting compensation difficult as well because most violations can be difficult to prove. For example, if a truck can only carry 80,000 pounds of gross material but the vehicle spills its load during the accident, proving its total weight at the time of the crash may be challenging.

  1. Assistance with Insurance Company Issues 

Many trucking companies have their own accident investigators and insurance specialists who may try to downplay the incident or suggest that you were partly to blame for the wreck. If you were hurt in the accident and cannot remember details, you may even start to question whether they may be right. You may want to consider speaking with an attorney before you accept any kind of settlement from the trucking company or their insurance carrier.

  1. A Helpful Presence at Arbitration

Some trucking companies would probably rather settle out of court than go through a lengthy trial, but engaging in arbitration alone might be just as difficult as representing yourself in court. Having a lawyer present during a settlement meeting can give you peace of mind that you are making the best decision possible.

  1. Representation in Court 

You may be seriously injured after an accident with a semi, which could make it more difficult to represent yourself in court. You may even be hospitalized. Allowing an attorney to make legal decisions and represent your best interests in court can allow you to reduce feelings of stress and worry as you heal.

Federal regulations and large trucking companies can make filing a personal injury lawsuit a challenge, but you do not have to face it on your own. Contact a truck accident lawyer in Silver Spring, MD today for further information or to schedule an initial consultation.  

Thanks to Cohen & Cohen for their insight into personal injury claims and reasons to hire an attorney for a truck accident claim.