New Orleans, LA Elder Law Lawyer

Older Americans have unique legal needs, which a legal generalist may not be equipped to handle. From estate planning to establishing legal protections to ensure comfort in the end-of-life, a senior needs insightful, tailored legal advice. That’s what a New Orleans, LA, elder law lawyer from Theus Law Offices provides. Whether you and your loved one need help with establishing trusts to provide income after retirement or designating someone as a Power of Attorney, our skilled legal team can deliver. Contact us today to get started with the protections you need!

Why Do I Need A New Orleans Elder Law Lawyer?

Estate planning is a critical part of elder law. There’s more to estate planning than just writing a will, and despite what many people may think, estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Estate planning includes designating someone as a Healthcare or Financial Power of Attorney (POA) or drafting Advanced Directives to ensure that your wishes are honored if you are incapacitated and unable to advocate for yourself.

An elder law lawyer can evaluate your financial picture, including when you’ll start claiming Social Security, your retirement investments, and your pensions. They can help structure your income, assets, and investments so that you have a steady income after you retire and account for expensive end-of-life needs, like accommodations in a skilled nursing home.

Finally, an elder law attorney can draft protections, like a Medicaid Trust, that can protect your assets and allow you to benefit from them while maintaining your Medicaid eligibility.  

Elder Law And Medicaid Planning Make Your Golden Years More Comfortable

The right estate and Medicaid planning can help maximize your Social Security benefits, allow you to access your Medicaid benefits, and ensure that your assets are protected from the “spend down” program.

Elderly people have more intensive medical needs than younger, healthier people; as they age, these needs become more comprehensive. Older adults may often find that they are virtually penniless after just a year or two in a nursing home. Medicaid may pay for the care and treatment they need, but they could be left with no other income or anything to pass on to their families.

An attorney can put protections in place to preserve as much of your estate as possible while still maintaining your Medicaid eligibility.

Another benefit of having a skilled elder law attorney representing you or your loved one is protection from fraud and financial abuse. Seniors, especially those in cognitive decline, are vulnerable to financial abuse from caregivers or workers in a long-term care facility. They may also be more susceptible to fraud, especially internet fraud. An attorney can monitor your loved one’s finances and detect indications of fraud and financial abuse.

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