Baton Rouge, LA Elder Law Lawyer

Senior citizens have unique legal needs and challenges. Finding the right Baton Rouge, LA, elder law lawyer for yourself or your family member can be challenging. The right elder law attorney understands seniors’ needs for savvy estate planning, end-of-life legal protections, and the right legal structures to protect their assets. The team at Theus Law Offices understands the challenges that seniors face and provides bespoke elder law services for individuals, couples, and families.

What Is An Elder Law Lawyer?

An elder law attorney addresses the needs of older people, including planning for retirement, preparing end-of-life legal protections, and estate planning. Proper planning, including when to apply for Medicare and Social Security, can make a big difference in how comfortable you are in your Golden Years. Your lawyer can evaluate the specific types of legal protections you need to preserve your assets.

Your elder law attorney advises you about retirement investments and budgeting so that your funds can last for years or even decades. When you claim Social Security can also make a big difference in your comfort and support, and your attorney can provide insight into the best timing for that, as well.

Finally, estate planning isn’t just about writing a will. It also includes creating trusts, which can protect certain assets from creditors and taxes while still allowing you to benefit financially from those assets.

How Can A Baton Rouge Elder Law Lawyer Help Me?

If you haven’t drafted a will or other estate planning documents, it’s crucial to place these protections for your heirs now while you’re still able to do so. If you pass away without a will or intestate, Louisiana succession laws govern how your assets are allocated, not your preferences.

Another consideration your Baton Rouge elder law lawyer can help you with is advanced directives and powers of attorney. Suppose your health deteriorates to the point where you cannot make decisions for yourself. In that case, you can designate someone you trust to have Power of Attorney (POA) over your healthcare, living accommodations, finances, or all three. The POA may go into effect if you become incapacitated and may, if you arrange it so, be revoked should you get well and able to make your own decisions again.

You may also establish Advanced Directives, which indicate your specific wishes for healthcare. For example, you may wish to have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order or specific opinions about whether you will receive a blood transfusion. Unlike a healthcare power of attorney, which gives your representative legal power to make healthcare decisions for you, the Advanced Directive outlines your detailed wishes for treatment and may not require a representative to make those decisions for you.

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