Theus Law Offices has experience in all forms of real estate transactions, including residential and complex commercial closings, 1031 (like kind) exchanges, lending and leasing transactions, title services and title insurance.  Our clients are realtors, lenders, loan officers and – most importantly – buyers and sellers. When it comes to real estate, hiring a skilled lawyer with many years of experience can spare you from dealing with the trouble of a bad transaction. You are less likely to experience an issue if you have a lawyer to help you move forward with a transaction. Learn about the legal services that a real estate lawyer like one from Theus Law Offices can provide you. 

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The world of real estate is fraught with errors, and disputes frequently arise. Issues may not be revealed until after a home has been purchased or old. Our attorneys represent clients in all types of real estate litigation, including disputes involving buy-sell or purchase agreements, construction contracts and defects, quiet title actions, foreclosures, leases, easements, boundary disputes, title defects, tax sales, partitions, liens and encumbrances, restrictions, servitudes and other rights of passage.

What Can a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

There are many things that a real estate lawyer can help you with. If you own land or a physical building, you can benefit from a number of services that a real estate lawyer can provide. Property transactions include many steps and there are many legal documents that go with it, such as contracts and agreements. These documents can consist of many pages full of legal terminology that can be hard to comprehend. A real estate lawyer can explain the contents of a document so that you can fully understand the terms of the transaction. Navigating a transaction can be difficult, so having a lawyer at your side can be helpful, since they can do many other tasks such as title searches. Whatever information you need for a real property transaction, a real estate lawyer can provide it for you.

Buying or selling property can be complex, but with a lawyer to guide you can be confident about your transaction. With their assistance, you can be sure that every requirement is fulfilled and that you can obtain all the information you need to know about a property. Our attorneys provide sound advice that enables clients to make informed decisions and the experienced strategy necessary to resolve real estate litigation effectively.

Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer at your side can provide a number of benefits. Real estate transactions involve many requirements and the process can be painstaking. When you are dealing with any kind of major purchase or sale, especially in regards to property, paying attention to the language in the terms and conditions is key. You don’t want to be aware of any problems after you have finalized the transaction. A qualified real estate lawyer can be there to help you navigate the transaction and help you avoid critical mistakes.

You may not think that a real estate lawyer is necessary, especially if you have handled real estate transactions without the help of a lawyer before. However, certain situations call for the presence of a lawyer. For example, if you are purchasing a home in states such as Georgia and New York, a lawyer must be present to handle specific parts of the purchase. Whether or not you must hire a lawyer depends on what state you live in within the United States. Before you finalize a transaction, review the laws in your state to determine if you need to hire a lawyer. 

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