Lake Charles, LA Medicaid Lawyer

Many older adults depend on the comprehensive healthcare and other services Medicaid provides. However, trying to secure or maintain their Medicaid benefits is a nightmare for some. Applying for Medicaid can be complicated for many older adults in fragile health, and a small mistake or error in submitting the correct documentation can mean months of delays. Other seniors are dismayed to see that everything they worked hard for in their lives dissipates because they must “spend down” to reach Medicaid eligibility. If you or a loved one are struggling with Medicaid issues, we can help. A Lake Charles, LA Medicaid lawyer from Theus Law Offices can help you protect your assets and maintain Medicaid eligibility.

Experience Matters – Lake Charles Medicaid Lawyers

Our experienced legal team stays abreast of changes in Louisiana Medicaid law so we can devise a comprehensive plan that fits your needs. We look closely at your current financial situation and your goals, then develop the right protections for you and your heirs. We keep in mind how to maintain your Medicaid eligibility while preserving your assets.

We offer timely and effective legal solutions to your needs, both current and future. We look to the future and put legal protections in place to ensure you’re safe and provided for. Our proactive approach helps ensure the best possible outcome. Streamlining the legal process of retaining Medicaid eligibility and taking action to protect your assets is our goal – and yours.

Lake Charles Medicaid Lawyers Work For You!

The average monthly cost for a nursing home in Louisiana is almost $5,800, and that’s just for the accommodations. Your expenses will be even higher if you need other healthcare treatments that aren’t included in the standard nursing home costs. Many seniors do not have a monthly income of almost $5,800, so the cost of care could eat up your retirement savings and other assets at an alarming rate. A Medicaid lawyer can help you find ways to preserve your investments and still qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid offers a long-term care waiver, which many elderly people may qualify for, but they still must meet certain income-based guidelines. Our attorneys can help you with the application process, ensuring that a mistake or omission doesn’t cause your claim to be denied or delayed.

We can also help you with denied Medicaid claims. Not every application is approved, but you may have the opportunity to have a denial of services appeal. We can draft the appeal, gather evidence, like your medical records, to support it, and even speak on your behalf.

Let A Lake Charles Medicaid Lawyer Protect You

Do you need help with your Medicaid eligibility? Are you worried that your assets will be depleted if you need Medicaid to cover long-term care or nursing home accommodations? We can help you make the right choices for your health and family. Theus Law Offices offers comprehensive Medicaid and estate planning services for seniors.