Baton Rouge, LA Medicaid lawyer

Even though you’re eligible for Medicaid, getting your benefits may not be as straightforward as you think. Many people struggle with Medicaid eligibility and worry about qualifying. From understanding Louisiana Medicaid’s “Spend Down” program to determining which kind of long-term care facility accepts Medicaid, there are many things for seniors to consider. If you need help getting your Medicaid benefits or are anxious about jeopardizing your Medicaid benefits, we can help. Theus Law Offices’ Baton Rouge, LA Medicaid lawyers work with seniors, caregivers, legal guardians, and families with comprehensive Medicaid planning and claims appeals.

How Can A Baton Rouge Medicaid Lawyer Help Me?

Did you know that more than half of Americans may become impoverished within one year of entering long-term care, like assisted living or a nursing home? Without the help of a Medicaid attorney, this could be you or your loved one.

The skills of a seasoned Medicaid attorney from Theus Law Offices can help your family avoid this. We help you develop plans to preserve as much of your assets as possible while maintaining your Medicaid eligibility.

Unfortunately, applicants for Louisiana Medicaid may not have their application approved until it’s medically necessary. Safeguarding your finances while you wait for approval is important, and making changes to your assets could put your application in peril. Laying the groundwork before applying for Medicaid can increase the speed your application is approved, allowing you to access your Medicaid benefits as soon as your medical condition requires it.

Legal Help With Medicaid Eligibility

Louisiana Medicaid applicants must fall below certain income and asset thresholds, meeting both to receive Medicaid assistance. The income and asset limits are quite low, though, and many people may have to “spend down” the difference between their current income and the qualification threshold to receive Medicaid. Good asset protection plans can help preserve everything you’ve worked for and qualify for Medicaid.

For example, a qualified Medicaid planning attorney can establish a Medicaid Protection Trust, legally transfer assets to family members, or ensure you properly “spend down” excess income to qualify for Medicaid.

Louisiana Medicaid’s asset and income limits change annually, so it’s important to make sure that your financial status doesn’t disqualify you each year. The application and approval process can be complex, as well, and may be especially difficult for seniors in poor health to navigate. Your attorney may be able to help you properly fill out and file your application, submitting the right supporting documents so that your approval isn’t delayed due to mistakes with the paperwork.

Planning ahead and working with a professional can increase your chances of preserving your assets and qualifying for Medicaid.

Do You Need Help From A Baton Rouge Medicaid Lawyer?

Do you need help with Medicaid planning and eligibility? Are you concerned that your loved one may jeopardize their Medicaid benefits and be unable to receive the long-term care they need? Contact Theus Law Offices today to speak with an experienced Medicaid planning attorney.