Louisiana Elder Law Lawyer

Louisiana seniors have unique legal challenges and needs, requiring careful planning and specific protections. The right Louisiana elder law lawyer can help you plan for your Golden Years, like preserving your assets from creditors or taxes or planning for Medicaid enrollment. Our legal team can work with you to determine what kind of legal protections you need and ensure that your financial and personal interests are protected. Theus Law Offices elder law attorneys offer compassionate and professional legal advice for seniors and their families.

What Does A Louisiana Elder Law Lawyer Do?

Elder law is a legal specialization that focuses on the unique needs of senior citizens. Many older adults may live for decades past retirement, and so may need expert planning and foresight to ensure that they’re comfortable and provided for. Elder law attorneys evaluate the needs of a senior and look at their current financial picture, then set up strategies to maximize their investments, protect their assets, and ensure that they have protections should their health deteriorate.

An elder law attorney helps with Medicaid planning, determining the right time to take Social Security. Timing and consideration are critical when deciding to enroll in these programs, as the applicant’s income and assets could affect their eligibility. Your attorney can help you file your application, making sure it’s done correctly and has the right supporting documentation so that the mistakes or omissions don’t cause unnecessary delays in receiving services.

A Louisiana Elder Law Lawyer Can Help Your Family

If you haven’t considered your estate plan yet, it’s best to do so sooner rather than later – you never know what tomorrow can bring. Your elder law attorney can draft a will, as well as trusts, like a Medicaid Protection Trust, that can protect certain assets.

Other estate planning documents that our team can assist you with include Advanced Directives, which is also known as a “living will.” This outlines specific medical procedures that you may or may not want performed in the event you’re unable to make your wishes known. Other protections include designating a healthcare or financial Power of Attorney (POA) or both. These documents designate an individual to make decisions on your behalf should your health decline or you’re otherwise incapacitated and unable to make sound decisions for yourself.

Estate planning helps take care of the people you love and protects you against the difficulties that life can throw at you. Our consideration for managing your finances and helping you plan for the future ensures you can enjoy retirement.

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Do you need help planning for Medicaid or learning when you should start receiving Social Security benefits? Have you been putting off your estate planning, thinking you have plenty of time? You never know what the future holds, so let’s get started today. The legal team at Theus Law Office works with you to make sure that you’re protected, no matter what life brings. We can preserve your assets from creditors and make sure that you’re financially comfortable as you age.