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If you are an older American and you haven’t updated your estate planning documents in a few years, it is important to connect with an experienced Shreveport, LA elder law attorney in order to get these documents up to date. All too often, Americans view the process of drafting estate planning documents as a “one and done” occurrence. This is understandable, especially because contemplating a future whereby one will no longer be in a position to actively advocate for their own interests and/or will no longer be around is not a pleasant task. However, it is critically important to remain in relatively regular contact with the experienced Louisiana legal team at Theus Law Offices in order to ensure that the wishes you’ve outlined in your estate planning documentation remain accurate reflections of your legally enforceable priorities and desires.

Elder Law Attorney – Shreveport, LA

Your time is precious. You have places to go, people to see, and things to do. Our team respects that reality. But we want to remind you that if you don’t occasionally take a little time to update your estate planning documents, your current wishes won’t necessarily be enforceable and your loved ones may incur unnecessary stressors down the road as well.

The Need to Update and Revise an Estate Plan Over Time

Estate planning documents are meant to serve as “living” documents. What does this mean? Very few kinds of estate planning tools (mainly certain kinds of trusts) cannot be modified once they have been put into place. Otherwise, these documents are meant to be updated and revised as an individual’s life experiences, acquisition of assets, expansion of family, priorities, and needs change. If these documents are not updated over time, they generally fail to reflect the current wishes of the individual who first drafted them. For example, if you wrote a will before your children were born but you haven’t updated that will since your children began having children, your estate planning documents won’t reflect any desire that you have to leave assets to your grandchildren. It is therefore important to work with an attorney to update these documents with relative regularity.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’ve either never constructed an estate plan or you haven’t updated your estate plan since experiencing significant shifts in your life circumstances and/or estate planning priorities, please connect with the experienced Louisiana legal team at Theus Law Offices today. Our knowledgeable team can advise you of your options and help to ensure that your estate plan remains as accurate and effective as you and your loved ones need it to be with minimal hassle. We understand how precious your time is and how important your estate planning documents are. As a result, we work efficiently and effectively to serve our clients’ interests so that they can have peace of mind as they go on with their lives, knowing that they don’t need to concern themselves with their estate planning priorities until the need to update these documents arises again. We look forward to speaking with you.