New Orleans, LA Medicaid Lawyer

Millions of older adults rely on Medicaid for their complex healthcare needs and accommodations in skilled nursing facilities. But, making sure that you qualify for the program while retaining as much of your assets and income as possible is a delicate balance. Many seniors may need the services Medicaid offers but find themselves destitute after a few years of being in the program. Others are confused about the process and may have their valid application or claims denied. A New Orleans, LA Medicaid lawyer from Theus Law Offices can help you with Medicaid planning and other elder law matters.

Customized Medicaid Planning From A New Orleans Medicaid Lawyer

Our attorneys are skilled at Medicaid planning strategies and provide you with insightful legal advice for filing for Medicaid and accessing your benefits. Although many older adults don’t think of Medicaid benefits as part of their overall estate plan, it’s actually a critical part of your estate planning strategy. Because eligibility for Louisiana Medicaid is asset and income-based, many people may be forced to get rid of assets and property that they would rather pass down to their heirs in order to qualify.

Your New Orleans Medicaid lawyer can help draft legal protections for your assets and income, allowing you to benefit from them or pass them to your heirs while maintaining your Medicaid eligibility. This can be a complicated matter – definitely not something you should try to complete on your own. We can design a long-term plan to preserve your estate and ensure you get the necessary medical care and benefits.

Medicaid And Your Estate Plan

Medicaid applicants must demonstrate that Medicaid services are medically necessary and that they qualify financially. If a senior’s assets or income exceed the Medicaid maximum, they can “spend down” the difference to qualify for Medicaid. However, this leaves them with barely any money each month, and soon, many people find everything they worked their entire lives for is gone.

Good estate planning and Medicaid planning strategies, drafted by a skilled elder law attorney, can help you avoid this, such as establishing a Medicaid Protection Trust or other protections. We may consider different types of trusts, guarding your assets from creditors and taxation. We can also protect your heirs after you pass. Medicaid estate recovery actions could leave your loved ones with nothing, so we can help prevent this and represent your family in any litigation initiated by Medicaid.

Contact An Experienced New Orleans Medicaid Lawyer

Our legal team is skilled in Medicaid and estate planning strategies. Our deep legal knowledge of this program and the legal requirements for eligibility can help make sense of the complicated application process. We also evaluate your financial picture and goals, helping you preserve as much of your wealth as possible so you can enjoy your Golden Years comfortably and your heirs are taken care of. Contact Theus Law Offices today to get started – you never know what life can bring.