Monroe, LA, Medicaid Lawyer

Have you overlooked a critical part of your estate plan? Many older adults neglect Medicaid planning – it’s not as simple as just enrolling in the program and accessing its benefits. Medicaid can provide comprehensive healthcare and long-term care benefits, but you could be left destitute if you don’t carefully plan your enrollment and income eligibility. Or, without careful Medicaid planning, your estate could be subject to Medicaid clawbacks, depriving your heirs of everything you worked so hard to give them. A Monroe, LA, Medicaid lawyer from Theus Law Offices can draft legal protections to preserve your assets and maintain your Medicaid eligibility.

A Monroe Medicaid Lawyer Helps Protect Your Assets From Medicaid Estate Recovery

If you required long-term accommodations in a nursing home and those costs were covered by Medicaid, your assets and estate could be in jeopardy. Louisiana laws permit the Medicaid program to recover the costs of an individual’s care from their estate. Your beneficiaries won’t receive their inheritance until after Medicaid takes its share.

We can create protections for specific assets, property, and even investment accounts to help avoid this. You’ve worked too hard for Medicaid to take everything you earned. Medicaid Trusts and other types of protections can preserve as much of your estate as possible.

Giving You A Better Quality Of Life In Your Golden Years

Part of planning for your retirement and future is taking a realistic look at your end-of-lie needs. As we age, we require more intensive health care and personal care. Many older adults have an in-home health aide or caregiver. You may also require specialized medical treatment. Planning for declining health isn’t a topic that many of our clients enjoy talking about, but with smart choices now, your Golden Years can be much more comfortable.

Some of the Medicaid planning your lawyer can help with include:

  •         Finding quality long-term health care
  •         Protecting your retirement savings and investments
  •         Creating trusts and other legal protections to preserve your assets
  •         Qualifying for your VA benefits
  •         Protecting your family home from Medicaid estate recovery

And much more!

Estate Planning And Medicaid Considerations

Louisiana Medicaid is governed by complex rules. Even if your application is approved, you still must maintain your eligibility each year to remain in the program. If you’re depending on Medicaid for your long-term care and accommodations, then it’s critical that you work with an experienced Medicaid planning attorney.

You may be eligible for other government benefits to help offset the cost of senior care, like Social Security or disability insurance. Determining when to access or enroll in these benefits can be tricky, though. You may jeopardize your Medicaid eligibility without careful planning. Or, you may not get the maximum Social Security benefit if you apply at the wrong time.

We know that these are tough conversations to have. The Theus Law Offices attorneys offer compassionate guidance and realistic advice about your unique situation and long-term goals.

Do You Need Help With Medicaid Planning?

If you haven’t considered how Medicaid planning will impact your estate planning, now is the best time to start. We can help. Contact Theus Law Offices today for a consultation with a knowledgeable Monroe Medicaid lawyer.