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Elder law is a specialized field of law, focusing on the unique needs of older adults. While everyone has rights that deserve to be protected, seniors face legal challenges others may not. A Monroe, LA, elder law lawyer can help with estate planning, Medicaid eligibility, and establishing legal protections so that in the event you are ill or incapacitated, your wishes are honored and assets protected. Do you need help for yourself or a loved one? At Theus Law Offices, we help with multiple types of elder-specific legal work, focusing on each client’s unique needs and goals.

What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law is an umbrella term referring to an area of law that addresses the unique needs of older adults. It’s not just making wills. In fact, Elder Law encompasses aspects of contract law, estate planning, family law, and even healthcare statutes and Medicaid eligibility. An elder law attorney wears many hats and focuses on making sure that seniors are protected if they cannot advocate for themselves. They create protections so that their wishes are honored regarding the allocation of their assets and property.

Elder law also focuses on estate planning. Despite what many people think, estate planning isn’t just for the very wealthy. In fact, anyone who has assets or family benefits from an estate plan. For example, your elder law attorney can place certain assets into a trust – even your home – so they are not considered “yours” when applying for Medicaid. Estate planning also includes ensuring that your finances are in order so you can comfortably enjoy retirement and have funds throughout your Golden Years.

How Can A Monroe Elder Law Lawyer Help My Family?

Estate planning gets tricky, especially for seniors who have significant assets. You may have specific intentions as to whom you wish to have what, and a will is the right step to ensure your wishes are honored. Elder law and estate planning go beyond writing a will, though.  Trusts, for example, can provide financially for minor children or grandchildren, or an adult with special needs or disabilities you’re responsible for whom you’re responsible. Your elder law attorney can establish legal protections and consistent income for people like these in your life.

Estate planning includes layers of protection for yourself. For example, if your health declines or you become incapacitated, a Power of Attorney can designate someone you trust – who may not be your closest family member – to make decisions about your health care or finances when you cannot. Or, an Advanced Directive can limit what kind of medical procedures are performed on you when you cannot make your wishes immediately known.

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