EVERY WORD COUNTS (IRS Busts Discretionary Support Trust for Child) BY THEUS LAW OFFICES (Duckett v. Enomoto, D. Ariz. 2016) "BE SURE WHEN YOU STEP, STEP WITH GREAT CARE AND GREAT TACT.  AND REMEMBER THAT LIFE'S A GREAT BALANCING ACT." ~Dr. Seuss Dr. Dennis Enomoto was a gifted and dedicated physician, but a terrible business person.  [...]Continue reading

THE CASE FOR THE TRUST PROTECTOR BY THEUS LAW OFFICES "TRY TO BE LIKE A TURTLE -- AT EASE IN YOUR OWN SHELL" Bill Copeland THE BLACK AND WHITE TELEVISION GENERATION Ozzie Nelson was an actor and a band leader.  Harriet Nelson was a stay at home mom who mostly wore aprons and never left the [...]Continue reading

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