Fortify Your Estate Plan Against Undue Influence Claims BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Of course, you expect the declarations in your will to be carried out, as required by law. Usually, that’s exactly what happens with wills. However, it’s possible your will could be contested and your true intentions defeated if someone is found to have exerted [...]Continue reading

Run the Numbers Before You Extend Customer Credit BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Funny thing about customers: They can keep you in business — but they can also put you out of it. The latter circumstance often arises when a company overly relies on a few customers that abuse their credit to the point where the company’s [...]Continue reading

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Finding a 401(k) That’s Right for Your Business BY THEUS LAW OFFICES By and large, today’s employees expect employers to offer a tax-advantaged retirement plan. A 401(k) is an obvious choice to consider, but you may not be aware that there are a variety of types to choose from. Let’s check out some of the most [...]Continue reading

The BDIT: A Trust With a Twist BY THEUS LAW OFFICES The beneficiary defective inheritor’s trust (BDIT) allows you to enjoy the benefits of a traditional trust without giving up control over your property. BDITs can hold a variety of assets, but they’re particularly effective for assets that have significant appreciation potential or that may be [...]Continue reading

Is Your Inventory Getting the Better of You? BY THEUS LAW OFFICES On one level, every company’s inventory is a carefully curated collection of inanimate objects ready for sale. But, on another, it can be a confounding, slippery and unpredictable creature that can shrink too small or grow too big — despite your best efforts to [...]Continue reading

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21st Century Estate Planning Accounts for Digital Assets BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Even though you can’t physically touch digital assets, they’re just as important to include in your estate plan as your material assets. Digital assets may include online bank and brokerage accounts, digital photo galleries, and even email and social media accounts. If you die [...]Continue reading

Trust is an Essential Building Block of Today’s Websites BY THEUS LAW OFFICES When business use of websites began, getting noticed was the name of the game. Remember pop-up ads? Text scrolling up the screen? How about those mesmerizing rotating banners? Yes, there were — and remain — a variety of comical and some would say [...]Continue reading