A primary goal of your estate plan is to transfer wealth to your family according to your wishes and at the lowest possible tax cost. However, if you have creditors, be aware of fraudulent transfer laws. In a nutshell, if your creditors challenge your gifts, trusts, or other strategies as fraudulent transfers, they can quickly […]Continue reading

Every business has some degree of ups and downs during the year. But cash flow fluctuations are much more intense for seasonal businesses. So, if your company defines itself as such, it’s important to optimize your operating cycle to anticipate and minimize shortfalls. A High-Growth Example To illustrate: Consider a manufacturer and distributor of lawn-and-garden […]Continue reading

Planning your estate around specific assets is risky and, in most cases, should be avoided. If you leave specific assets — such as a home, a car, or stock — to specific people, you could end up inadvertently disinheriting someone. Unintended Consequences Here’s an example that illustrates the problem: Kim has three children — Sarah, […]Continue reading

Take care to avoid these eight (8) major estate planning mistakes. 1.  Relying on the Government’s “Estate Plan” One of the biggest mistakes people make in estate planning is to not have an estate plan in place at all. This puts families in the position of being subject to government rules and regulations about all […]Continue reading

Protecting Assets When a Spouse Receives Medicaid BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Many couples, in their golden years, find themselves wondering: What if one or both of them is admitted into a nursing home and needs Medicaid? After saving throughout their lives, they are fearful that if one of them enters a nursing home, they will have [...]Continue reading

Many people have wills drafted to include bank accounts, stocks, and other probate assets. But they overlook planning for personal possessions. Bitter disputes can erupt over items that have more sentimental value than monetary worth, including furniture, photographs, jewelry, and artwork. This article provides answers to commonly asked questions about how estate assets are distributed, […]Continue reading

When considering who should serve as the executor of your estate, you may automatically think of a certain relative or close friend. But think carefully. Make sure that you pick the most competent person possible. Being an executor can be a tough, time-consuming job. In some families, the decision of who to pick as an […]Continue reading

In light of the recent raids conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, worry and anxiety has been spreading like wildfire throughout the entire immigrant community. While we do not know the extent to which the ICE raids have increased since Donald Trump started serving as president, we do know one thing for sure […]Continue reading