A revocable trust provides ZERO asset protection.  Watch this brief informative video from estate planning attorney Graves Theus to learn more. Does a Revocable Trust Provide Asset Protection? Theus Law Offices specializes in a complete range of estate planning and elder law services, including wills, trusts, probate, successions, estate administration, and probate litigation. If you [...]Continue reading

The team with Theus Law Offices works with people from all walks of life. While everyone has varied needs and desires, it can be universally said that failure to plan for matters related to incapacity or death is in effect planning to fail. More often than not we see people who have made well-intentioned mistakes with […]Continue reading

Forced Heirship in Louisiana BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Louisiana is the only state in the United States which has the concept of forced heirship. What Is Forced Heirship? Forced heirship is an ancient civilian concept derived from Roman law. The law of forced heirship provides that certain family members cannot be disinherited.  The law, as originally [...]Continue reading

Historically, nursing homes ask, or at times, force patients and their families to sign arbitration agreements before being admitted into their care. Through signing these agreements, patients and their loved ones give up their right to sue if they think the nursing home is responsible for a patient’s injuries or death. About nursing home arbitration […]Continue reading

Contesting a Will in Louisiana BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Joe Crown was a drunk.  And a mean one at that.  He was also cheap. So cheap that he drafted his own will. Bad idea. Just to be mean, he left his only child, Tommy Crown, a bucket of pennies. He left the rest of his estate to [...]Continue reading

REVOCABLE TRUST NO LONGER NECESSARY TO HIDE ASSET VALUES IN LOUISIANA ("Sealed" Inventory Now Required Upon Request) BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Mrs. Ethel Merman received an invitation to a free educational seminar about estate planning. At the seminar, the promoter suggested that the probate process in Louisiana is: (1) expensive, (2) protracted / burdensome, (3) often [...]Continue reading

DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS IN ESTATE PLANNING (Electronic Wills) BY THEUS LAW OFFICES A new disruptive innovation is on the horizon in the area of estate planning, namely electronic wills.  An electronic will is one that is digitally (not physically) signed and stored electronically. Traditionally, all parties to a will (the testator, two witnesses and a notary) must [...]Continue reading

THE COST OF A REVOCABLE TRUST IN LOUISIANA (Does It Measure Out?) BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Mrs. Gladys Holsum received an invitation to a free educational seminar about estate planning. At the seminar, after a long parade of horribles, Gladys was told she needed a revocable trust to avoid an impending calamity. She was told that [...]Continue reading