Elder Law Attorney Lafayette, LA

Elder Law Attorney Lafayette, LA

Theus Law Offices has an elder law attorney Lafayette, LA area residents trust with important decisions regarding care options. We understand the importance of family and the obligation to provide and afford long-term care for our senior loves ones. Difficult decisions must be made about care arrangements, such as assisted living or a nursing home. Any transition is stressful, but the convergence of challenging medical and financial decisions about long-term care for a loved family member are especially hard. 

Our mission as an elder law attorney firm Lafayette, LA trusts is to minimize this difficult transition and to help prepare families both legally and financially for their next phase in life. Aside from the high cost of long-term care, degrees of comfort, happiness, quality of care, control, independence, and peaceful surroundings are all factors in the decision making process. Both medical and financial security are necessary to preserve and enhance quality of life for a senior loved one, which requires seasoned legal guidance from an elder lawyer in Lafayette, LA.  

For more information and a free consultation about how best to protect assets and enhance care options, contact an elder law attorney in Lafayette, LA at Theus Law Offices. 

Recommendations for Enhancing the Experience in a Living Facility  

Adjusting to a new way of life in an assisted living facility or a nursing home can be challenging for a new resident. Visiting frequently helps greatly to make loved ones feel more at ease about their new living space.  Quality time is important, so bringing photographs, toys, board or card games, and just being together will help immensely. Sometimes there can be a lingering sense of resentment, which can be difficult to overcome, but patience and time will help to mend bridges.  Acceptance is the last stage of grief.  Happiness is an end itself, so children, grandchildren and pets can lift the spirits immensely.  Making new friends is important also, so it may be helpful to assist with introductions to other residents and to schedule activities together.  All in all, transition is always difficult, so the more quality time you can spend with your loved one, the better, whether in person or virtually via Facetime or another video conferencing platform.

Tough Talk About Ultimate Wishes

Discussing financial and medical issues, as well as end of life planning can be difficult.  As Lafayette, LA elder law attorneys, we understand what it takes to initiate these important conversations with your senior loved one.  Often these discussions center around common estate planning issues like determining who will be in control, who should benefit, and when.  These sensitive topics are easy to avoid or procrastinate, but the importance of establishing an effective estate plan cannot be understated.

A Louisiana elder law attorney in Lafayette, LA with Theus Law Offices can help guide the conversation. Common estate planning documents may include the following:

Exploring Different Types of Elder Abuse

When you hear about elder abuse, you may think that the most obvious things to look out for will be signs of physical abuse. While this is true and you should know the signs, there are different types of elder abuse that may not be as obvious. Our attorneys understand the pain and hurt that come with realizing your loved one has been harmed when you believed they were safe. Read on to learn more about the different types of elder abuse and how you can spot the warning signs. 

  • Neglect. When your loved one is neglected, it means their basic human needs are not being met. This may mean that their caretaker is attempting to punish them in some way or may simply not be providing them with what they need. This could come in the form of not giving your loved one food or water, not bathing them or helping them use the bathroom, or not rotating them if they are bed-ridden. This can result in bedsores.
  • Emotional abuse. This includes, but is not limited to, stripping your loved one of their dignity. The person harming your loved one may threaten them, isolate them from others in the facility or friends and family, and humiliate them in front of others. 
  • Financial abuse. If a caretaker has access to your loved one’s financial information, they may use their credit cards, withdraw money from their account, or even force or coerce your loved one into adding them to their will or estate plan. 
  • Sexual abuse. If a caretaker is sexually abusing your loved one, it could mean there is physical sexual abuse and you may be able to see the physical signs of this. The abuser may also be forcing them to watch sexual acts or pornography. 

What if injuries are not obvious? 

Injuries may not be obvious when abuse is happening because not all injuries will physical. You may notice signs of abuse through your loved one’s actions. They may seem more withdrawn, begin rocking, staying in the corner of their room, avoid seeing you or other loved ones, and become more aggravated and agitated. If you notice any new behaviors or behaviors that are unlike your loved one, it is important to gently try and speak with them to see what is happening. If you suspect elder abuse or neglect, you should pull your loved one out of the facility they are staying in as quickly as possible and speak with an attorney about gathering evidence. 

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Our elder law team at Theus Law Offices knows that you want only the best for your elderly loved one.  We understand that relocating a family member is quite stressful and may be met with some resistance.  The importance of properly preparing both legally and financially for the final chapters of life cannot be understated.  Establishing a well-developed estate plan with integrated asset protection features is necessary to properly plan and protect the legacy of your senior love one.  For more information, please call Theus Law Offices today to speak with a seasoned elder law attorney Lafayette, Louisiana residents turn to for advice during this difficult time.