Estate Planning Lawyer Lafayette, LA

Estate Planning Lawyer Lafayette, LAAt Theus Law Offices, our estate planning lawyer Lafayette, LA residents trust knows that estate planning can be difficult to start. It is a glimpse of what will happen after you have passed away and this is not an easy process for everyone to go through. However, many of our clients have felt a huge burden lifted off their shoulders when they finish creating their estate plans because they know that the lives they have worked hard to build will be going to the ones they love. When you work with our team, you know that the assets and property you have will be protected. If you are interested in seeing how we can help you with your estate planning, call our office today. 

When should someone start planning their estate? 

We get this question from clients all the time and the answer is always the same: start planning now! You may be in a position where you believe you are too young or have not accumulated enough wealth; however, when you sit down with your Lafayette, Louisiana estate planning lawyer you may suddenly realize you have more to offer your loved ones than you thought! 

What kinds of things should I expect to include in my estate plan? 

Many estate plans will have very similar aspects. Depending on your age, whether you are married, have children, or own property, you may have a longer, more detailed estate plan. Often estate plans include: 

  • Guardianship. If you have minor children, an estate plan should include who you wish to name as your children’s guardians. 
  • A will. Creating a will allows you to name who you want to get your assets when you are no longer living. 
  • A trust. If you would prefer to continue managing your assets while you are still alive, creating a trust allows you to do this while making a smooth transition and avoiding the probate process. 
  • A durable power of attorney. When you appoint someone as your durable power of attorney, you are giving them the right to make decisions (health, financial, legal) if you are alive but mentally not able to make decisions. 

People pass away without estate plans all the time. What happens then? 

It’s true that many people do not create estate plans before they pass away. However, when this happens, that means you are allowing the state to make decisions on your behalf regarding where your assets will go. This can mean a lengthy and expensive probate process and potentially family feuds. 

If you would like to speak with us about creating an estate plan, contact our estate planning lawyer in Lafayette, LA. Call the Theus Law Offices today.