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Medicaid Attorney Lafayette, LAWhen you are creating an estate plan, our Medicaid Attorney Lafayette, LA relies on from Theus Law Offices knows that you may not realize how important planning for Medicaid can be. Many people who are currently employed with health insurance do not consider what happens to that health insurance when they retire and Medicaid can be a great benefit to them. When you are looking into Medicaid and want to know if this is the right plan for you, speak with our attorneys. We want to help set you up for a comfortable future.

What You Need To Know About Medicaid Planning: An Easy-To-Use Family Guide

Why Hiring an Attorney Can Help With Medicaid Planning

Applying for Medicaid is not the most simple process. In fact, if you make an error on your application or have an unexplained expense, you may become disqualified from receiving these benefits. If you are going through the application process on your own, this can be confusing and complicated. However, if you work with our Lafayette, Louisiana Medicaid attorney, you can know that your application is being given the time and consideration it needs before you send it off. Having an attorney on your side could mean a higher chance of success with your application and getting your benefits sooner, especially if you are applying for nursing home benefits. 

What can I do if my Medicaid application was denied? 

We understand that a denied application can make you feel hopeless. However, this does not have to be the end of the road for your Medicaid journey. We believe that you have the right to make an appeal. If you want to appeal your denial and request a hearing, speak with us about doing so. When you do get your denial letter, bring it with you to our appointment. The letter should very clearly state what the basis is for your denial. In some instances, if they do not give an explanation for why they denied you of your Medicaid benefits, we can work to void the whole denial. In other instances, we will gather evidence to refute their reasons for denying your claim and present them during the hearing. 

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We understand the stress that this can have on your life, especially if your application for benefits has already been denied. However, we are here to help you through this process. If you want to learn more about getting Medicaid benefits, contact Theus Law Offices to speak with our Medicaid attorney in Lafayette, LA today. 

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