An inheritance is a windfall.  Any windfall will jeopardize need-based benefits, such as Medicaid. Once the windfall bell has been rung, it cannot be unrung in the eyes of the Louisiana Department of Health, which administers the Medicaid program in Louisiana.  As such, care must be taken to avoid unintentionally disqualifying an heir or legatee [...]Continue reading

Provide for Family Members With Special Needs Using an SNT BY THEUS LAW OFFICES If you have a child or other family member with a disabling condition that requires long-term care or prevents (or will prevent) him or her from being able to support him- or herself, consider establishing a special needs trust (SNT). Also known [...]Continue reading

Historically, nursing homes ask, or at times, force patients and their families to sign arbitration agreements before being admitted into their care. Through signing these agreements, patients and their loved ones give up their right to sue if they think the nursing home is responsible for a patient’s injuries or death. About nursing home arbitration […]Continue reading

Protecting Assets When a Spouse Receives Medicaid BY THEUS LAW OFFICES Many couples, in their golden years, find themselves wondering: What if one or both of them is admitted into a nursing home and needs Medicaid? After saving throughout their lives, they are fearful that if one of them enters a nursing home, they will have [...]Continue reading