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Succession Law Firm Alexandria, LATheus Law Offices is a Succession Law Firm Alexandria, LA residents trust to resolve difficult issues after a loved one passes.  We recognize this is a difficult time in the lives of our clients.  An experienced probate attorney in Alexandria, LA can help alleviate much of the stress and financial burden that goes along with a probate in Louisiana.  We make the process for surviving family members clear and straightforward.  To learn more about the probate process, consult a succession lawyer in Alexandria LA from Theus Law Offices.  

What is a Succession Lawyer in Alexandria LA, and when should I retain one? 
A Succession lawyer, sometimes referred to as a probate lawyer in Alexandria LA is an attorney that specializes in the legal process referred to as “probate” or “Louisiana succession.” An experienced probate attorney in Alexandria LA helps executors and administrators of estates during the probate process, which is the judicial process of changing ownership of assets from a deceased person to his or her rightful heirs.  The terms “probate” and “succession” mean the same thing in Louisiana and are used interchangeably. An experienced succession lawyer Alexandria LA area residents trust from Theus Law Offices can help you navigate the probate process as quickly and easily as possible.

A knowledgeable succession attorney in Alexandria LA should also assist with the following:

  • Legal advice regarding post-mortem estate planning opportunities, including tax advantages
  • Avoiding the probate process for a surviving spouse
  • Serving as an executor or administrator of an estate
  • Drafting and filing legal documents necessary to complete the probate process in Louisiana
  • Locating and securing assets of a succession
  • Negotiating with creditors and assisting with the resolution of debts and claims against the estate 
  • Arranging for necessary appraisals of property
  • Collecting and reviewing proceeds of life insurance and annuities
  • Assisting with necessary elections relating to retirement plans

If you have questions about a succession or probate, or other aspects of estate planning law, contact Theus Law Offices for a free consultation with a succession attorney in Alexandria LA. 

Are there different types of successions in Louisiana?
In legal terms, a succession means taking over the rights of another as a successor, which entails resolving debts and other obligations of a deceased person and transferring rights or assets to his or her heirs. A Succession lawyer from our Alexandria, Louisiana law firm can speak with you about the two different types of successions in Louisiana as follows: 

  • Intestate Succession: An intestate succession is required when someone dies without a valid Last Will and Testament.  Separate property and community property devolve differently in Louisiana, so disputes over the character of property are quite common with an intestate succession.  
  • Testate Succession:  A testate succession is required when someone dies with a valid Last Will and Testament.  The legatees of a testate succession are determined at the time of the person’s death from the terms of the Last Will and Testament.  

Intestate vs Testate Succession
When a person passes away, their property has to be distributed to a living person. The process of this distribution will be regulated by either testate succession or intestate succession law. The former is when a person passes on and leaves a valid will behind, and the latter is when a person died without a valid will. For a testate succession, the estate of the deceased person it distributed based on the terms of the will. And with intestate succession, the estate is passed on based on laws of intestacy, which devolves according to the character of property as either community or separate.  Separate property generally devolves in order of preference and priority to descendants, ascendants, and then collaterals.  Community property devolves to the surviving spouse as a legal usufruct with the naked ownership to the heirs who would otherwise receive separate property. 

Administration of a Succession
A succession, whether testate or intestate, can be with or without administration.  Administration of a succession requires the appointment of an Administrator in the case of an intestate succession, or an Executor in the case of a testate succession.  The primary responsibility of an Administrator or Executor of a Louisiana Succession is to pay or provide for debts, liquidate assets, or otherwise address issues that must be resolved prior to placing heirs or legatees in possession of the assets of the Succession.    

To find out more about succession law, please contact Theus Law Offices, your local succession law firm in Alexandria, Louisiana. 

Good reasons to hire a succession lawyer Alexandria, LA
When someone dies, Theus Law Offices, a succession law firm Alexandria, LA residents depend on, can guide you through the court process with confidence and security.  An experienced succession lawyer in central Louisiana (locally referred to as “Cenla”) from Theus Law Offices will help ensure the following:

  • Estate debts and expenses are handled properly
  • The potential for family disputes is minimized 
  • The probate process is completed as quickly as possible
  • Stress and anxiety are reduced to a bare minimum
  • Avoid or defend claims against the estate
  • Avoid excessive costs by utilizing lower cost providers for appraisals and tax preparation, and efficiently preparing necessary legal documents

As a probate law firm Alexandria LA residents trust with years of experience, we know how to effectively navigate the succession process, which can save time and money.  Please contact us now for a free consultation with a succession attorney from Theus Law Offices, a premier succession law firm Alexandria LA residents turn to for experienced legal guidance. 

Protecting Everything You Own and Everyone You Love…

A succession lawyer in Alexandria, LA from Theus Law Offices stands ready to help you navigate the daunting legal process of probate in Cenla (Central Louisiana) and will provide comprehensive, experienced representation.  

Attorney J. Graves Theus, Jr. has been certified as a specialist in probate and estate administration by the Louisiana State Board of Legal Specialization. Theus Law Offices serves the entire State of Louisiana helping to administer both small and large successions. In addition, Theus Law Offices has successfully litigated numerous disputes involving wills and trusts.   

If you need a succession lawyer in Alexandria LA, or have questions about any other probate topic, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation, or use the link below to schedule your Free 15-Minute Call with an experienced probate lawyer in Alexandria, Louisiana.