Estate Planning Lawyer Alexandria, LA

Estate Planning Lawyer Alexandria, LA

Estate Planning Lawyer Alexandria, LAAt Theus Law Offices, an estate planning lawyer Alexandria, LA families trust for insight, we have helped countless members of this community protect their assets and legacies through proper estate planning.  We understand how important your loved ones are, and it provides a great sense of relief to have a plan in place that will protect everything you own and everyone you love.  We have provided a few suggestions for creating an estate plan with help from an Alexandria LA estate planning lawyer (also referred to as an “estate lawyer”):

Identify Goals For Your Estate Plan

People have many different reasons for wanting to create an estate plan in Louisiana.  It is important to first identify your specific concern with the help of a guided discussion with an experienced Alexandria LA estate planning attorney from Theus Law Offices.  Starting with the end, your estate plan should be tailored to address your specific concerns.  Otherwise, your plan is just a “document” and  not a “plan.”  

Perhaps you seek assurance that your minor children are properly cared for in the event that you pass away before they are adults. Or, maybe you want reassurance that your surviving family members will be taken care of monetarily in the event of your passing.

Some common reasons turn to Theus Law Offices for estate planning advice include:

  • To ensure you stay in control while you are alive and don’t outlive your money
  • To have control over what happens to their legacy after your passing
  • To seek assurance that minor children are properly cared for in the even you pass away before they are adults
  • To ensure that pets are cared for and are financially provided for if something were to happen to them
  • To ensure that a business stays operational and is carried on by a chosen person, or kept in the family
  • To safeguard wealth and assets
  • To provide asset protection for a surviving spouse
  • To ensure descendents receive the benefit of your life’s work in the event of the remarriage of a surviving spouse
  • To leave instructions for financial and medical care preferences in the event of incapacity
  • To provide detailed instructions for the distribution of assets after death
  • To avoid or reduce estate and income taxes
  • To provide financial support for a disabled loved one with special needs
  • To provide for a loved one who is unable to manage their own affairs financially
  • To protect your legacy from creditors or a future failed marriage of a child 

Review Your Assets and Debts

One of the first steps in preparing your estate plan in Louisiana will be to prepare a detailed list of assets and debts, including non-probate assets such as retirement plans.  A full review of assets and debts is a necessary part of the process of establishing a comprehensive estate plan.  An estate planning attorney from Theus Law Offices can provide you with a form to help with the process of gathering and organizing this information.  Examples of assets to note include:

  • Cars and other vehicles that you own (including untitled recreational vehicles and equipment)
  • Real estate or other immovable property
  • Personal property and valuables (such as furniture, art collections, jewelry, books, clothing, etc.)
  • Life insurance policies
  • Annuities
  • Investment accounts
  • Cash accounts, including CDs
  • Retirement plans (IRAs, 401k, 403(b), etc.)
  • Intellectual property (such as valuable patents)
  • Inherited assets, including land

Call Theus Law Firm For Estate Planning Help

Whether you need a simple will, or something more enhanced like a trust-based estate plan, an estate planning lawyer (also referred to as a “will lawyer”) in Alexandria, Louisiana from Theus Law Offices will provide comprehensive, experienced representation.  Preparing a will and planning your estate is a necessary step to protect for your family or loved ones in the event of death or incapacity. If you have questions about Wills or Trusts, or any other estate planning topics, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation, or use the link below to schedule a Free 15-Minute Call with a wills and trusts attorney in Alexandria, Louisiana.