What You Need to Know About the LaSalle Detention Facility and Pine Prairie Correctional Center

Immigrants who are detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and placed in removal proceedings in Louisiana will most likely be either be housed either at the LaSalle Detention Facility in Jena, Louisiana or the Pine Prairie Correctional Center in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. These facilities are run and operated  by The Geo Group, Inc., a private contractor who contracts with the Department of Homeland Security to run many different locations all across the United States. Most often, the immigrants who are housed at these facilities come from locations other than Louisiana. Each of these facilities has the capacity to house over one thousand individuals at any given point in time. Detainees in the Pine Correctional Center will be assigned to the immigration court in Oakdale, Louisiana while the detainees at the LaSalle Detention Facility will be assigned to the immigration court in Jena, Louisiana.

Unfortunately, for many detainees both the immigration courts and facilities are located in rural, central Louisiana where access to legal representation is difficult to find.  In fact, the percentage of detainees who have legal representation at these facilities is far below the national average.

Theus Law Offices, L.L.C. is conveniently located right in the heart of central Louisiana, just an hour’s drive away from the LaSalle Detention Facility, and only a forty minute drive away from the Pine Prairie Correctional Center, where its attorneys provide representation to the detainees housed at these facilities on a regular basis. Whereas most attorneys choose to appear for the immigration court hearings over the phone, the close proximity between Theus Law Offices and the Oakdale Immigration Court and Jena Immigration Court allows for a more personal touch where its attorneys can appear at each hearing in person, having the ability to communicate directly face to face with the immigration judges. Also, immigration attorneys at Theus Law Offices are able to meet in person with the detainees at these facilities in order to assess their case and prepare them for their upcoming hearings. The initial meetings are always done at no cost to the detainee with the detainees having no further obligation to make any payments unless they decide to retain attorneys at Theus Law Offices to represent them.

If you have a loved one or friend that has been sent to either the LaSalle Detention Facility or the Pine Prairie Correctional Center, it is critical to act quickly as these cases move very quickly and can be over in a matter of only a couple of weeks.

Immigration attorneys at Theus Law Offices have considerable experience at both the Oakdale Immigration Court, immigration court in Jena, Louisiana, as well as contesting a will in Louisiana, and can provide competent legal representation to your loved one at a fair price, which will be clearly communicated to you before the work even begins. Call us today for a free consultation.