Probate Lawyer in Monroe, LA

Probate Lawyer Monroe, LA If you need an experienced probate lawyer in Monroe, LA, Theus Law Offices is here for you. Our dedicated team of lawyers promises to provide care and compassion to you as you settle your loved one’s estate. 

We’ve successfully litigated both simple and more complex probate proceedings throughout the entire state of Louisiana. Our legal expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards have earned us an AV Preeminent Peer Review and Client Champion Rating distinction from Martindale-Hubbell for the highest level of professional excellence. 

Let our Monroe probate lawyers ensure your loved one’s estate is handled in the most efficient manner. Contact Theus Law Offices today to learn how we can help you in such a dire time. 

What is a probate lawyer?

A probate lawyer guides the beneficiaries or the executor of the Will if one is appointed through administering the deceased’s estate. A probate lawyer can also serve as an estate planning lawyer by helping individuals set up an Estate Plan. 

The probate process determines who will receive the deceased’s estate established by the Will. A probate lawyer’s job is to distribute the deceased’s assets and property to the intended beneficiaries and settle all outstanding debts. 

At Theus Law Offices, we promise to walk you through the probate process by: 

  • Creating a clear, descriptive list identifying all of the estate assets and debts 
  • Handle all conflicting interests with intended beneficiaries in a professional manner  
  • Guide you with confidence in distributing assets and inheritances according to the deceased’s intent 

If you’ve lost a loved one, let our caring team of probate lawyers in Monroe, LA support you with their decades of experience. 

What does a probate lawyer do?

The purpose of the probate court is to distribute the deceased’s estate according to his Will. To begin the process, one of our experienced probate lawyers will open the succession proceedings by filing the Will and supporting documents in the appropriate probate court. 

In preparing for probate proceedings, one of our Monroe probate lawyers will look at the terms of the Will to prepare a detailed list of the deceased’s assets and debts. 

Once the descriptive list of assets and property is created, our of probate lawyers will begin: 

  • Collecting the deceased’s life insurance proceeds
  • Requesting appraisals for real property and valuations for business interests  
  • Managing the deceased’s checking account(s) 
  • Calculating and pay all bills, debts, income tax, and estate taxes
  • Retitling property to the beneficiary’s name 
  • Selling or liquidating assets and property 
  • Distributing real and personal property to beneficiaries

At Theus Law Offices, our firm promises to advocate for you in a quick, efficient manner through open communication. Our legal team and support staff is here to help you in your time of need.   

What makes a good probate lawyer?

A good probate lawyer has experience in working with cases like yours. You need an experienced probate lawyer who can efficiently distribute the estate as the deceased intended while sensitively handling the conflicting interests of the beneficiaries.

The larger the size of the probate estate, the more complexities that are bound to come up during the distribution process. A knowledgeable Monroe probate lawyer will help walk you through each step of the process, so you’re not burdened in such a trying time. 

Let Theus Law Offices Help You Administer a Probate Estate 

It’s essential to find a probate lawyer that specializes in Lousiana probate proceedings as their experience and knowledge will help you properly administer your loved one’s estate. 

Important considerations during the consultation include, but are not limited to: 

  • The lawyer’s years of experience
  • Outcomes of cases similar to yours
  • Case fees and associated costs
  • The typical length of the court proceedings 

Our well-connected probate lawyers in Monroe, Louisiana, are ready to serve you. Call Theus Law Offices now at (855) 213 – 6400 for your free consultation.