Residential Property Contract Disputes

Purchasing land or purchasing a home can be as stressful as it is thrilling. Selling land or a home can be as stressful as it is lucrative. The same can be said for renovating, adding on to, or otherwise undertaking a construction project on your existing residence. Similarly, the business stakes attached to purchase, sale,

One of the many reasons why any residential real estate scenario can potentially be so stressful is that the stakes are high. The place where you live is not just “any place.” It is your place. Your space to live out many of the most important moments of your life. Whether you live alone or you have loved ones who also reside with you and are equally invested in their share of space in your home, your residence is uniquely important space. If you are a real estate developer, construction company owner, or contractor, you have invested your precious time, energy, and resources into helping create these uniquely important spaces for others.

As a result of these intense realities, it is critically important to connect with an attorney experienced in real estate litigation if you find that you either may need to file a lawsuit or risk being named in a lawsuit due to some kind of residential property contract dispute. Contracts communicate the expectations that all affected parties should be able to rely on as any kind of purchase, sale, development, construction, etc. occurs in re: residential property. When those expectations are not met—regardless of whether fault for this failure can be attributed to any single individual, company, or event—a legal dispute can arise. As an experienced real estate litigation lawyer – including those who practice at Eric Siegel Law – can confirm, by speaking with an attorney proactively, you can place yourself in the strongest possible position to emerge from your dispute with an outcome that meets your needs.

Contract disputes cannot be taken lightly because contracts are legally enforceable documents and failure to adhere to their terms can result in significant legal and financial consequences. Whether you are in a position to hold another accountable for their failure or you are concerned that you may be named as a defendant due to your alleged failure, it is important to work with an attorney who handles your particular kind of case. Not every lawyer is well-versed in this area of the law, so make sure to do significant research before committing to work with a particular legal firm.