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If you are in search of a succession law firm Lake Charles, Louisiana residents trust, contact Theus Law Offices. We are home to top-rated Louisiana succession attorneys. You may have heard of a Louisiana succession before, but understanding the process can be difficult. The loss of a loved one is a difficult time and our goal is to help you through the process of administering the succession in the fastest and easiest way possible. 

A succession in Lake Charles, LA is the same as a probate.  The terms succession and probate can be used interchangeably in Louisiana.  Outside of Louisiana, a succession is referred to as probate. Administering a succession in Louisiana requires an experienced Louisiana succession attorney in Lake Charles, LA to navigate the legal process. 

What is a Succession?

A succession in Louisiana is simply the judicial process of putting heirs or legatees of a deceased person in possession of the assets of the deceased person. At the bottom, it’s somewhat of an awkward act of conveyance through a court proceeding. When a person passes away, title or ownership of assets must be transferred. Debts and obligations must be paid or provided for prior to placing anyone in possession of the assets of the decedent. The administrative burden of a succession tends to be magnified during a time of grief.

The person charged with responsibility for administering a succession is referred to as an “Executor” if appointed in a Will, or an “Administrator” if the decedent died without a Will.  If a person dies without a valid Will, the succession will be “intestate,” meaning Louisiana law will determine who gets to benefit and when.  If a person dies with a valid Will, the Succession will be “testate,” meaning the terms of the Will determine who gets to benefit and when from the estate of the deceased person.

When is a Succession Required?

A succession is required when a person dies owning real estate (immovable property) or other probate assets in the state of Louisiana.  The term “probate assets” refers to financial or other assets that are not governed by beneficiary designation. Life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, and the like are governed by beneficiary designation, so a succession is not generally required for these type assets.  A succession is required in Louisiana for assets that do not have a beneficiary.  Louisiana does not recognize the concept of Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship, so a succession is required for most assets in Louisiana, and absolutely required when a decedent owned land.

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The Succession process can be difficult even under the best of circumstances.  An experienced succession lawyer can make the process much easier, while also minimizing the potential for disputes.  Theus Law Offices is a succession law firm Lake Charles, LA residents turn to for help during these difficult times.

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