Trust Lawyer Louisiana 

Trust Lawyer Louisiana - napkin sketch of financial plan, coffeeIf you have ever thought about a trust you may be wondering what a trust lawyer in Louisiana does. The term trust lawyer does not refer to a lawyer who is trustworthy and that might come as a shock to some people. A trust lawyer is an estate planning professional who can help you create the necessary paperwork to set up a trust for your estate.

Unlike a will a trust allows your surviving family members to avoid the probate process after you pass away. Trusts are also kept out of the public record. This type of document is especially useful to people who have large estates as it can help provide your loved ones with more information about what you intend to leave to them.

What Does a Trust Lawyer Do? 

A trust lawyer will set up a trust on your behalf. They can provide relevant legal help to whomever you name your trustee. If needed you can also name your lawyer as your trustee which will then make them the person who is in charge of managing your trust. Having your lawyer is your trustee can be useful if your estate is large and complex or if you want to ensure that your trustee is an impartial third party.

How Do I Know if I Need a Trust Lawyer? 

If you want to create a trust it is a smart idea to either have it created or reviewed by a trust lawyer. This will ensure that everything is how it should be and there should be no mistakes that have been made. Here are some of the reasons you may watch greater trust:

  • You don’t want your family to go through probate
  • You are trying to lower your estate taxes
  • You do not need to name a guardian of a minor or specify your last wishes ( for this to happen you need to have created a will)
  • You want to dictate when your beneficiaries receive their inheritance

Even if you don’t have one of the reasons above, it is still a good idea to hire a trust lawyer to review your trust. This will just ensure that everything will go as planned and she will have to worry about if a mistake has been made and it could be too late to fix it.

What Should I Expect From Working With a Trust Lawyer?

Creating a trust ensures that your valuables will go to the right place either while you’re still living or after you have passed. A trust lawyer can give you the confidence that what you decide will be put into place is that even if there’s a dispute your trust will hold up in court. While your trust can’t contain your last wishes or information on the guardian of your child should anything happen to you it can provide more information that your will may not cover.

If you have more questions about what a trust lawyer in Louisiana does don’t hesitate to reach out to Theus Law Offices for more information.